”More balance and well-being as a student”

Möten i hjärtat med plats för hela dig

Do you want ”More balance and well-being as a student”?

Do you want to feel better?
Do you want to feel like you are enough?
Are you stressed, and do you feel the demands placed on you are (too) overwhelming? Are you stressed about your finances?
You are far from alone with these kinds of questions and challenges.
Are you longing for more balance and well-being as a student?
Do you have good and supportive environments where you can share what’s going on within you?
You deserve to feel good, and here is a fantastic opportunity for you to achieve that.

Too many students in Gothenburg are struggling. It could be about stress, high demands and performance anxiety, financial difficulties, or other challenges that life may bring. Are you one of them?

In the Self-Help Group, you can articulate your feelings and thoughts in an accepting and mindful environment. Together with others, you’ll be inspired on how to better manage life’s challenges. At Self-Help House Solkatten, your own capacity for healing and well-being grows through loving and conscious interactions.

Self-Help Groups are a well-established method contributing to more balance and well-being. Self-Help House Solkatten is Sweden’s first and largest self-help house with over 25 years of experience in initiating and facilitating Self-Help Groups.

During 2023-24, Self-Help House Solkatten is launching new Self-Help Groups for students in Gothenburg to strengthen students’ mental health and well-being. The groups meet five times, and you can book a spot to meet either physically at Self-Help House Solkatten’s premises on Linnégatan or online.

Each group has ten spots, and the meetings are free of charge.

Here you can see which Self-Help Groups are starting in the near future.

Do you want to improve your well-being and live a more balanced life?

The following should apply to you:

– You are a student in Gothenburg

– You are between 18-29 years old

– You want to improve your well-being

What does this mean for me as a student, what am I expected to do?

– Reserve a spot

– Attend sessions that last a maximum of 2 hours each

Warmly welcome to book one of the available spots.

If you have any questions regarding ”More Balance and Well-being as a Student”, you can contact Annette Wahlgren at annette@sjalvhjalp.com

Experiences from some students who participated in the Self-Help Group

It’s a courageous thing to come here. It’s a challenge, but very rewarding in many ways; to dare to be present, to face fears, and to dare to be vulnerable. It’s tough stuff. You get such a close connection with other people that it puts perspective on what a relationship with other people can truly be.


Student from Chalmers

I want to emphasize that you don’t need to be a wreck or have a multitude of problems to join a Self-Help Group. That’s not the sole purpose of it. You can go there to get to know yourself, talk, and grow as a person, rather than needing to have a bunch of problems to come here.


Student from Chalmers